Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day on September 28th

being a good apartment neighbor

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Creating a strong relationship with your TriBridge neighbors can help to improve your sense of security and trust in your community, as well as help to create long lasting friendships. To celebrate the importance of building a strong community via interaction with one’s neighbors, Becky Mattson created National Good Neighbor Day, which is celebrated annually on September 28th. In a presidential proclamation issued in 1978, President Jimmy Carter encouraged Americans to celebrate the day, noting that “Understanding, love, and respect build cohesive families and communities.”

We think celebrating National Good Neighbor Day is a great way to get out into your community and get to know new neighbors or show appreciation for the neighbors you know you can count on for anything. The following are a few neighborly acts you can use to celebrate this year’s National Good Neighbor Day:

  • Assist a neighbor that isn’t feeling well – Being sick can make even the simplest day-to-day tasks difficult. If you know a neighbor hasn’t been feeling well, offer to help them by going grocery shopping or running other errands for them.
  • Bake some cookies – Surprise one of your nearby neighbors by bringing over a batch of freshly baked cookies. Not only do random acts of kindness help to make both parties feel great, your neighbor will be more open to return a favor for you in the future.
  • Help out your less fortunate neighbors – Know of a neighbor who was let go from their job or that is simply going through a rough patch? Pick up a grocery gift card or a gas gift card to help them out.
  • Welcome new neighbors – Invite new neighbors over for coffee or lunch to make them feel immediately at home. You can even offer to help them move in!
  • Throw a neighborhood party – Throw a block party so that all of your neighbors will have a chance to get to know one another.

How are you planning to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day? If so, share your ideas in a comment below! We would love to hear how you plan to be a good neighbor on National Good Neighbor Day, and all year long!

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