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Apartment living definitely has its advantages: you can come and go as you please, you have a maintenance staff that takes care of household issues, and you enjoy access to great amenities. But, there’s one thing you may feel you can’t do: Change your apartment. Oftentimes, renters search for apartments that are ‘ready-made’ or include all of the features they’re looking for upfront. However, renters have more freedom and power to transform their apartment than they realize.

TriBridge Residential offers apartments for every lifestyle all throughout the southeast and, as such, attracts discerning residents. Our renters want to feel at home in their apartments, and what that means differs from renter to renter. While it’s easy to feel limited in regards to transforming your apartment into one you can be happy in, there are noninvasive ways to customize every room in your home; it just takes a little research and creativity. We’ve scoured the web for the best design tips and ideas for renters to share with you.

If your community’s manager doesn’t allow you to paint the walls, or if you don’t want to invest the time and money in a project that big, consider painting your furniture. Adding a bright accent table or chair is unexpected and can travel with you if you switch homes in the future.

Painted Furniture

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You can’t choose whether your apartment has hardwood or carpet, but don’t think you can’t customize the finishes your apartment comes with. Hardwoods are a beautiful canvas for a rug. Add pattern, color, and something soft for your toes in one swoop!

Decorate your apartment

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Add windows, or, at least, add the illusion of windows. Hanging curtains along a length of wall, for example, the wall behind your bed, creates the impression that you have a wall of windows. Add multiple layers of curtains for a luxurious feel.

Hanging Curtains

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Create faux built-ins by placing identical bookshelves on either side of a doorway or an entertainment center. The closer they come to the ceiling, the better the look will be.

faux built-in

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Display your favorite pieces of art using floating shelves to create a gallery wall you can easily switch out with the seasons or as your tastes change.

Image Gallery

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If you want even more ideas for decorating your apartment, check out Better Home and Garden’s full list of 19 ideas to steal for your apartment.

Do you have any other decorating tips that you’ve used in your apartment? Share them with us on our Facebook page!

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