Do you have an apartment exercise routine?


As the fall season begins, you may choose to workout indoors. I have already chosen to workout indoors. If I do not use my apartment community fitness center, I use my living room. Yes, you can create workout routines and execute them in your apartment home.Physical exercises that you can do in your TriBridge apartpartment

The Apartment Living website suggests purchasing a few helpful items. These items include a jump rope, a mini-trampoline, an exercise DVD, free weights, and an exercise ball. I own one pound and five pound free weights, and a jump rope. I have friends who own exercise DVDs and exercise balls, but none of my friends own a mini trampoline.

On the days that I do not feel up to walking to the apartment community fitness center, I jump rope for about 10 minutes. It is a cardiovascular exercise the increases my heart rate and burns calories. When you are ready to tone your muscles, use your free weights to curl your biceps.  The Apartment Living website also suggests filling milk jugs with water and completing “12 to 20 repetitions of bicep curls, tricep curls, and shoulder raises.” What exercises do you perform in your TriBridge Residential apartment?

Image courtesy of ElvertBarnes via Flickr

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