Does your apartment have a strange odor?


Do you scrunch your nose when you walk into your apartment?I almost walked out of my apartment this morning without emptying the trash. I thought about the smell that I could walk into this evening. I turned around and emptied both my kitchen trash can and my bathroom trash can.

Simple things can cause your apartment to have an odor. If you have pets, they might need a bath with a fresh smelling shampoo. If you cooked eggs, chicken, or any other meat, take out the trash that contains the meat wrapper. If your feet become sweaty and your shoes have an odor, try leaving them outside for the first hour that you come home. Then sprinkle some powder in them and bring them inside. These tips might keep odors out of your TriBridge apartment.

If you already have a distinct odor in your apartment, try assessing the cause. Take out the trash and clean the garbage disposal by dropping a few ice cubes into it with a couple of drops of lemon. If this doesn’t help, check your shoes, your dirty clothes, your carpet, or your pet. Baking Soda can help keep your refrigerator from holding bad odors. It works well if you clean your refrigerator once a month.

Do you have any tips for keeping bad odors out of your apartment?

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