How to remain safe in your apartment


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Staying safe in your apartment requires a little effort on the tenant. I lock my door every time I leave my apartment, whether I am walking the dog or taking out the trash. I also make sure that the bar is securely across the patio door. If the bushes in front of my apartment grow too wild, I call the front office. When I am in the house for the evening, I place security bars against the back door and the front door. I purchased these items for $20 apiece.

Apartment Living also suggests a few tips:

  • If you are moving in, make sure that your smoke detectors were recently tested
  • Purchase carbon monoxide detectors
  • Keep your apartment clean, so that you do not attract critters
  • Make sure your locks were changed before you moved in
  • Do not give out keys to anyone who does not live in the apartment
  • Do not get on the elevator with a stranger
  • Report bad lighting to the front office
  • Keep personal records in a fireproof box
  • Be aware of your surroundings when entering your apartment
  • Purchase light timers for nights when you are away from home

Visit the Apartment Living website for more information about staying safe in your TriBridge Residential apartment.

Image courtesy of Soleil at Ponte Vedra Beach

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