How To: Start and Maintain an Indoor Garden


Stephanie's patio & garden on her apartment patioFor those of you who would like to have a garden, I have some information for you. Are you ready to begin?

Let’s start by finding containers for your plants. These containers can come from old coffee mugs, buckets, or old soda bottles. You can also drive to your local discount store and purchase flower pots. Next, you should choose the plants that you would like to grow. You grow plants for aesthetics or for nourishment. Yes, there are a few edible plants that you can cultivate in your apartment home.

Spinach, tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are edible plants that can be grown in your apartment home. The spider plant, the snake plant, and the cattleya orchid are plants that are nice to view. Read the labels when you purchase these plants, and ask the garden section expert for help. Take a few pictures as you move through your planting process, and then share them with your TriBridge Residential neighbors. Let us see your green thumb.

Image courtesy of cliff1066™ via Flickr

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