Are you a good apartment neighbor?


Spacious apartments-Atlanta The Pointe at Lenox ParkI’ve been fortunate to live near good neighbors. I live on the bottom level. Occasionally I hear noise from above, but it’s never enough to disturb my daily activities. Luckily, I never hear my neighbors to the left of my apartment. I also try to be mindful of my neighbors above and next door to my apartment.

How can you be a good apartment neighbor? Apartment Living has a few ideas about being a good apartment neighbor. If you have hardwood floors, placing a rug on the floor could reduce the click clack noise from shoes. Moving stereos and televisions away from shared walls could also keep noise from filtering into your neighbor’s apartment. Try vacuuming prior to 8 or 9 pm. If you choose to have a gathering in your apartment, keep the noise to a minimum.

How do you keep your noise from filtering into the other apartments? Tweet your ideas on the TriBridge Residential Twitter page.

Image courtesy of The Pointe at Lenox Park

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